Spiritual Colognes

Spiritual colognes are used for cleansing the body and spirit. They also help remove psychic fog and increase your connection to the spirit.

spiritual colognes

For example, scents like roses are ideal for love and romance. Woody fragrances (like cypress and cedar) can help you attract good fortune. And citrus scents can help you remove negative energy and repel evil spirits.

A whiff of a certain scent can trigger memories, emotions, and even spiritual feelings. This is why many use fragrances to refresh the mind and provide comfort. Spiritual colognes are the perfect choice for this purpose. They can be worn as a personal cologne, added to an altar as an offering, or used in ritual baths.

A spiritual cologne is a great way to freshen up before going to work or when you are feeling down. These perfumes are hand-blended to help you feel refreshed and connected to spirit. They can also be used as a spiritual cleanser to purify your home or ritual items.

A popular choice is the Florida Water cologne. This stimulating citrus and floral scent helps clear your energy and remove “brain fog” while calming your anxiety. It can also be used to clean and bless your home or replace Holy water during a blessing or cleansing. You can also dab a few drops on your wrists or neck for a quick spiritual refresher. These colognes can be used as an offering or to add spirituality to your mojo bag, talisman, or other magical workings. You can also use them to refresh your altar. They can be sprayed around the home, over yourself, or on sacred items such as a lottery ticket or photo.

2. Relieves stress

Original Santal taps into your inner spiritual strength while calming you with its mix of sandalwood, vanilla and cedarwood blended with musk, ambergris, and herbs. Use to cleanse pendulums, as a mojo bag wash, in spells and ritual baths, to protect from negative people, entities and things or add to laundry for love and peace.

SarahSpiritual hand mixed the Florida Water cologne to clear energy and remove “Brain Fog” while deepening your connection to Spirit. Wear as a cologne, on an altar as an offering or replace Holy water in cleaning and blessing rituals. 7oz bottle with a twist top lid.

3. Attracts love

Whether you are looking to attract a new lover or want to enhance your current relationship, spiritual colognes can help. These perfumes are formulated with herbs that carry vibrations of love, affection, and faithfulness. Some of these include rose, lavender, and cinnamon. Some also contain herbs that are believed to repel negativity, such as sage and bay leaves. These herbs can be used in love-manifesting rituals, or as intention-carriers when writing your intentions on a bay leaf and burning it.

A popular perfume that brings in love, money, and luck is made with patchouli. This herb is a known aphrodisiac, and can be worn daily to enhance love and lust. It can also be added to a spiritual bath or floor wash in order to draw in prosperity and love.

Another common love-attracting cologne is made with orange flower, which is an excellent aphrodisiac. It is also known for its ability to strengthen the bond of a couple in a marriage, and can be used to purify a relationship and remove any negative energies. It is available in a 2 oz bottle.

Spearmint is another plant that is associated with love and money, and is often used to draw in wisdom. It is believed to have been the plant of a nymph named Menthe, who was turned into a plant by Persephone, Hades’ wife, and thus became known as a lover of love and wisdom. Cloves are also used in love spells, and can be hung around the home or carried with you to attract true love. They are also a powerful aphrodisiac and can be used to ward off jealousy in relationships. Lastly, nutmeg can be used to bring in love and passion, and can be carried with you or added to a love attraction bath.